Lavric-Quaglio AHAS 1angl


Giulio Quaglio in the correspondence of Janez Anton Dolnicar/ Thalnitscher

The newly found correspondence by the Dean of |Ljubljana cathedral, J. A. Dolnic ar, is an important source for the history of the cathedral beacuse it documents its construction and decoration with frescoes. The present paper only takes into account those letters which refer directly or indirectly to the painter Giulio Quaglio (connected with this are also mentions of the painter Andrea Pozzo). The letters (mostly addressed to the former bishop of Ljubljana, S. C. Herberstein, living then in Perugia, and to Dolnic ar’ s ordinarius, bishop F. Kü nburg) give further evidence to the facts already known, but they also offer some new information on Quaglio’ s work; thus the title- page of the Rituale Labacense, which has not been connected with the painter so far, is now also included in his oeuvre.