Aloisi AHAS 4angl

Stefano ALOISI
Un'inedita fonte archivistica su Gasparo Albertini. Due angeli in pietra per Grado (1780)
The paper presents a document, unpublished before, about Gasparo Albertini (Piran/Pirano 1726–1811), one of the most outstanding sculptors and altarists of the Slovene Littoral Region at the end of the 18th century. In 1780, after the stone-cutter Bartolo Picco of Palmanova had resigned from the commission, Albertini carved two angels in Istrian marble for the Brotherhood of St. Anthony the Abbot of Grado. In the 1940s the basilica of St. Euphemia in Grado was thoroughly renovated in order to resume its orginal appearance. Therefore all Baroque furnishings were removed, together with the two angels which now seem to be lost forever. The archival document undeniably proves that Albertini was also renowned on the coast of the nearby Friuli and his two angels for Grado are a welcome addition to his oeuvre.