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Another work by Angelo Putti in Slovenia. The high altar at Sveto by Komen
In 1793, the present retable of the high altar in St. Aegidius’ church at Sveto by Komen was brought from Gorizia where it had originally decorated the church of the suppressed Minorite monastery. It is reasonable to identify the Sveto altar with the side altar of St. Leopold in the former Minorite church commissioned in 1710 by the praetor Goritiae, Baron Leopoldo Strassoldo di Villanova. After having been moved to the new location, the retable was additionally furnished with statues of Sts. Martin and Roch, two awkward works by an unknown author, while the excellent original pieces on the top of the altar, i. e. the seated figures of two putti and two angels, can safely be attributed to the Paduan-Vicenzan sculptor Angelo Putti. Comparisons with several other works by him confirm this attribution: his sculpture on the pulpit in Gorizia Cathedral (1711), and his works executed while he was active in Ljubljana between 1712 and 1717, i. e. the four statues of Aemona bishops in Ljubljana Cathedral, the two giants by the Seminary portal and the side altars of St. Joseph and St. Ignatius in the former Jesuit church, all these in Ljubljana, too, then the high altar in the parish church at Radovljica and the one in St. Lucy’s church at Zadnja vas, the side altar of St. Bartholomew in St. Agnes’ church on Mt. Kum, the Plague Memorial at St. Veit an der Glan (Carinthia), and the epitaph of Cardinal Johann Goeß in the nearby Straß burg.